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Welcome to GAPPED TRAVEL Podcast, formerly known as Freedom In Scrubs Podcast

Meet Kim and Erran, a thirty something couple who’s obsessed with all things TRAVEL!!

In 2012, After feeling burnt out & unfulfilled with the 9-5 grind lifestyle they were living,
they decided to quit their full time jobs, sell their house & everything they owned & start their wild & crazy adventure of healthcare traveling!!

They’ve been nomads for the past 8 years, living & working in hospitals all over the US!!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, they are gearing up to take their Dream Trip….
An entire year off to TRAVEL THE WORLD!!
(once it’s safe to travel again post covid19)

On this podcast, Kim and Erran take you along with them as they kick off their “Adult Gap Year!!”

From the Planning/Prepping/Budgeting phase, leading up to the trip,
To all the Crazy Stories, Adventures, & Lessons learned while on the road,
To the transition back home as they begin the next chapter of their lives…
They are taking you along with them…sharing all the things….every step of the way!

This podcast will also feature fun and exciting interviews of other travelers that have had monumental shifts and inspiration from long term travel.

Their mission is to help others Create more INSPIRATION & FREEDOM in their own lives, through Travel….
And so this podcast is loaded with tons of Valuable Tips, Tools & Stories to help you feel Inspired, Prepared & Ready to jump up and say YES YES YES to your own LONG TERM TRAVEL ADVENTURES!!

You can expect each Episode to be Inspiring, Fun, Entertaining, & Value Packed!!
New episodes every TUESDAY!!

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The housing pro tip that literally saved our asses this contract!!! ⁣

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind!! ⁣

We left Florida on a whim and moved to St. Louis to take a contract!!! ⁣

In less then one week:⁣
We packed up & moved to a new state⁣
Found housing ⁣
Moved in and got settled⁣
Started a new job!! ⁣

We chat about all the things and share the housing tip that really saved us this time around!!! ⁣

You can listen to episode 63 on the Gapped Travel Podcast!! ⁣
Link in our bio!!⁣

You can search Gapped Travel on any podcast platform and find us :)⁣
We release a new episode every Tuesday!!⁣

We have tons of episodes on traveling ...on so many Different def Check it out 🙂
#gappedtravelpodcast #freedominscrubs #kimanderrang

We’re On the road again!!! ⁣

We packed up the Jeep today... picked up our baby 🐶 ...& now we’re heading to St. Louis for the next 3 months!! ⁣
(Spending the winter in the Midwest 🥶 ❄️ )⁣

Since it doesn’t look like we will be able to start our Year of travel anytime soon 🙁 ✈️🌍❤️⁣

We decided to close out the year with one more contract and then we will see what the new year brings 🙂 🙏 ⁣

I start work in 8 days....⁣
We still aren’t exactly sure where we’re going to live 🙈🙊🙉 🏡

Things happened very they typically do In the travel world ...⁣
✅ I did the interview on Tuesday
✅Accepted the job a few hours later
✅Did all my onboarding Thursday
✅Packed up & cleaned our condo Friday
✅Left Florida Saturday morning

But we will figure out all the things as we always do:)⁣

We are sad to say goodbye but excited & ready for the next adventure :)⁣
#saintlouis #kimanderrang #healthcaretraveler

Erran and I decided to leave our full time jobs, sell our house, & everything we owned to start traveling 8 years ago, & it was the best decision we’ve ever made!⁣
(Sonographer + IR Tech Travel Team)⁣

Traveling is a very unique lifestyle and it offers a ton of perks...⁣

We've used traveling as a way to pay off debts & save money much faster then we could have when we were working FT..⁣
+ we have so much more FREEDOM to take time off to travel for fun...(We were gearing up to take a year off to travel the world, right before Covid19 hit )⁣

If you're interested in exploring the idea of traveling and want to know more about the opportunities we have as travelers....⁣

We are going live tomorrow at 8pm EST in our FB Group to have a fun/inspiring/informative conversation on the unique opportunities we have as healthcare travelers!⁣

We’re going to focus on the lifestyle perks of being a traveler: i.e⁣
>We get to pay off debt faster⁣
>We get to save money faster…bc we MAKE MORE MONEY!⁣
>We get to Take more time off to travel for fun… no more of this 2 weeks off a year nonsense!!⁣
>Or we can choose to work more, If we’re in a saving or paying off debt season..either way we get to decide what our work life looks like each year!⁣
>It’s easier for us to downsize & simplify our lives…The less we have the more FREEDOM we have!!⁣

We are going to chat about all of the above & share some of our own travel stories in the training tomorrow night!!⁣

If any of this interests you, then def come hang with us!⁣
The training will happen in our FB Group⁣
Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs⁣
(We also have tons of other free travel trainings inside the group & on our podcast Gapped Travel:)
#freedominscrubs #gappedtravel #kimanderrang

Traveling to 40 countries & 7 Continents + Budgeting & Traveling With Debt + Travel Mindset & Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone….⁣

This weeks podcast episode is 🔥 🔥 🔥

If you’re a fellow travel junkie like us….then your gonna gobble this episode up!!⁣

I’m still tingling with excitement from our conversation with friend and fellow traveler @dr_ali_jaffery

⁣Ali is a huge travel inspiration of ours & it was so much fun to pick his beautiful brain and talk about all things travel!!! ⁣

Every time we talk to him, we walk away feeling so inspired and jazzed & excited about life! ⁣

His energy is infectious and you’ll feel that throughout this entire interview!!⁣

He is a world traveler, and has travelled to all 7 continents and over 40 countries!! ⁣

This episode is value packed and loaded with tons of tips, stories & wisdom drops!!⁣

We dig into, unpack and cover so many different topics in this interview!! ⁣

Topics covered:⁣

>Traveling to 7 continents ( we could have done an entire episode on just this)⁣

>How to budget for long term travel⁣

>How to plan your trip....or NOT plan your trip! ⁣

>Tips for having luxury experiences on a budget⁣

>How travel activates, elevates & brings to life who you truly are⁣

>Using healthcare traveling as leverage to pay off debts, create more FREEDOM & Spend more time TRAVELING! ⁣

>Being shy... & how to come out of your shell, put yourself out there & feel more confident!! ⁣

>And so much more!! ⁣

We are so excited to share this episode with you…..⁣

You can listen to episode 59 with the link in our bio:)

Search Gapped Travel on any podcast platform and you’ll find us!!

We talk about all things travel & we release a new episode every Tuesday!!⁣
#gappedtravel #gappedtravelpodcast #kimanderrang #freedominscrubs

Volunteering & Working In Africa: All Thing Medical Mission Trips!!
In 2019 we travelled to Tanzania to help create & build the first ever IR Department in East Africa!!

It was a trip that would change our lives forever!!!

I know so many travelers in our community that are interested in doing medical volunteer trips, so we wanted to share our story with you, to give some insight into what the experience was like for us , & to hopefully inspire you to sign up for your own trip !! (when it’s safe to travel again obvi lol)

In this week's episode on the podcast….we dive into all the things…

How we got involved with RadAid and The IR Project
What we needed to do to prepare to go
All the logistical where we stayed...who we were with...the costs….our work schedule…how we got around etc...
Our daily work routine
The type of work and projects we did each day
What it was like working in a hospital in a different country

Fav moment: Getting drunk with the locals and singing “I bless the rains down in Africa” song….while we were literally dancing in the rain... in Africa...Such a moment
Flying north and going on a safari for the weekend
Getting pulled over by armed men...peeking into the windows..many times!!
Staying in beach huts & almost drowning while trying to get to dinner!!

We definitely touched on a lot of different things in this episode!!
We cover all the bases!
You can listen to episode 58 in the link in our bio...or search for Gapped Travel wherever you listen to pods 🙂

Next week...we are going to interview our friend who works with Rad Aid…
She’s going to share her experience and tips to help you get involved with medical volunteer trips!!
So stay tuned for that!

Have you done a medical mission trip? Or have you thought about doing one?
#gappedtravel #gappedtravelpodcast #kimanderrang

We’ve enjoyed our time at home but we are itching to get back on the road again!!! ✈️🌏❤️
If you have a wanderlust spirit like us....& you're a traveler who loves to travel….. Then you’re gonna wanna listen to this one!⁣

We're changing the name of our podcast!! ⁣
We are really excited about the new direction & new vibe & new name of the pod!! ⁣
We dive into & explain all the things on this weeks episode!!⁣

If you didn't know...we have a weekly podcast!⁣
The podcast is where we show up each week and talk about all the things TRAVEL!! ⁣
The lifestyle of a traveler...⁣
Budgeting and planning for long term travel...⁣
Tips & tools for travelers...⁣
Crazy stories from traveling & living a nomadic lifestyle⁣
Fun & inspiring stories from other travelers!! ⁣

We release a new episode every single Tuesday!!! ⁣

Link to new episode in our bio!⁣
Or search Freedom in Scrubs and you’ll find us whatever platform you listen to pods!! ⁣

#gappedtravel #gappedtravelpodcast #freedominscrubs #kimanderrang

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